Frequently Asked Questions                                                                       

How much does a mural cost?                                                                                     
Well, this of course is the most difficult of all the FAQ's to answer. People often tell me how many square feet they want covered and expect a round about quote. The reality is that if we have a small area to paint but it has a lot of detail it could cost more than a large area with little detail. Every project is different and we first need to come up with a sketch of what we plan to do. Once we have a sketch, we determine how long a project will take and price it out accordingly. Once we have proposed a price to you and you have accepted, the price does not change, even if the project takes longer than originally expected. The only time there would be a price change, is if more work is added after we begin the project.

Does it cost anything to meet with Customize Artistic Painting?                                    
Our consultations are absolutely free. We will come to your home or office to meet with you to discuss your needs.

How does the proposal process work?                                                                         
First we want to meet with you to discuss any ideas you may have for your mural or artwork. After a brief meeting, we then design a sketch or a sample board for your approval which would include cost and projected date of completion. After you have time to view the proposal and sketch, you respond to us with any concerns or changes that you would like. After we settle on a final sketch or sample board, we schedule the project. 

What method of payment do you accept and when is payment due?                             
We accept cash or checks and final payment is accepted upon completion of the project.  If a project is estimated to take longer than three weeks, we may request half payment at mid project.

Can a job be too big or too small?                                                                                
In short, no. We have painted personalized canvases for clients and we have painted entire school cafeterias and gymnasiums. It is our pleasure to take on any challenge that is offered to us. 

What kind of paints do you use?                                                                                  
We always use water based paints. Most of our work is done with latex paints with some detailed work in acrylic paint. In some occasions when it is absolutely necessary, we may use an oil based primer for a more durable painting surface but it is rarely necessary. The paints we do use regularly are low odor, low VOC paints which are safe to use indoors around children and pets and have a lifetime guarantee. Upon request, we can use any specific type or brand of paints that is desired. Some clients only want to use environmentally "green" paints and we are always happy to oblige.

Do I need to worry about any furniture in the way?                                                       
We do ask that any furniture in the work area be moved before we begin to paint. We do not want to be held liable for any mishap in moving what could be a delicate or important piece of decor. 
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